Fronteers 2010 Conference


This is a compilationvideo of The Fronteers 2010 Conference. Fronteers 2010 took place on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th of October, in Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam.

I record all 14 sessions and put them online for you to watch. See links below:

Thursday 7th of October 2010:
The Design of HTML5 by Jeremy Keith​15755349

JavaScript like a box of chocolates by Robert Nyman​15758849

Vector Graphics for the web by Brad Neuberg​15773144

A CSS3 Talk by Håkon Wium Lie​15775937

Progressive Downloads and Rendering by Stoyan Stefanov​15981041

CSS Workflow by Jina Bolton​15982903

Reusable Code, for good or for awesome! By Jake Archibald​15984466

Friday 8th of October 2010:
Real-World Responsive Design by Stephen Hay​15986231

The State of HTML5: inaugural Address by Paul Irish​15988666

Creating lifelike design with CSS3 by Meagan Fisher​15991551

High Performance Javascript by Nicholas Zakas​16241085

HTML5 Accesibility: is it ready yet? By Steve Faulkner & Hans Hillen​16243415

The renaissance of Browser Animation by Cameron Adams​16246110

Reasons to be cheerful by Chris Heilmann​16249024

For an overview of all the sessions:​channels/​fronteers10

For more information:​congres/​2010

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